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Happenings around Estes Park

Estes Park, Colorado is a great place to explore, and has festivities and events happening throughout the year.

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From art, bingo, Rocky Moutain Park events, music, and more, this site lists the year-round happenings of Estes Park.

Events in the Estes Park Complex

The Events Division of the Community Services Department manages the Estes Park Events Complex, which is owned by the Town of Estes Park. Their staff coordinates all of the activities that take place on their property as well as those that take place in or close to downtown Estes Park’s Bond Park, Performance Park, Baldwin Park, and George Hix Riverside Plaza.
Elk in Estes Park Colorado

Things to do

While deciding on activities, there is little doubt that our natural playground comes first. For every age group, there are things to do. You can rent bikes, learn how to fly fish, and take the aerial tram up a small peak for a beautiful view of the valley and the city below. Enjoy a round of mini golf or ride a giant slide. Try your hand at driving a go-kart. These are only a few of the things you can do at Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park. 

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